Oddish Crochet Pattern

This  little project is a good reminder to us all (including me) that not all that looks simple are actually that easy to make ^^; Well it’s not that he is that hard to make, but come on – when you saw this round fella with five pieces of sprouts and two stubble feet, you’re gonna be like “Everyone can make that. Piece of cake.” Ummm nope.


Actually, I started this project thinking that it’s cute and looks like it could be done in a zap. BEEEEEEP zero for me (boo!). I actually had to redo the leaf design around five times before I feel like I can stop there to give a satisfied look. That said, this is also a good opportunity for you guys to try out this technique for making leaves. Here’s a  heads up: the basics for making all leaves is more or less the same, just different stitch combination use to alter the desired shape. Alright then I hope you have fun! 🙂


  1. Rico Baby cotton yarn 50 g/125 m in medium blue
  2. Rico Baby cotton yarn 50 g/125 in dark green
  3. 3 mm crochet hook
  4. Polyester fiberfill
  5. A pair of 6 mm black craft eyes
  6. Craft glue
  7. Tapestry needle
  8. Black embroidery floss and needle



ch: chain

sc: stitch

inc: increase

inv dec: invisible decrease

hdc: half double crochet

dc: double crochet


FO: Fasten off





R1: MR (6)

R2: inc (12)

R3: sc, inc (18)

R4: 2 sc, inc (24)

R5-7: sc around (24)

R6: 2 sc, inv dec

R7: sc around

R8: sc, inv dec

Stuff with polyfil firmly

R9: inv dec

FO and weave in.



Start with a loop, leaving a long tail for sewing.

ch 10, sl st 3, ch 3, hdc 2, last: hdc 4, turn around.

hdc next 3, sc next 3, sl st the rest. Do not join yet. Ch 2, sl st to the second ch from hook. Join. FO and weave in.

Make four more.



Using crocheting on the surface technique, slip in your loop.

Ch 2. Dc to the second ch from hook. Sl st back to the same place.

If you find it complicated you can also do it with the regular crochet technique using the same pattern and sew it on the body.



Place the eyes on body, then embroider the mouth.

Take three from the leaves, and place two behind the first one – overlapping behind it. Place them on the head with a sewing needle, then secure with sewing them on the head, using a tapestry needle.

Sew the two others behind the first three, where the gaps are. Make the feet.


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