Dumbo Octopus Crochet Pattern


Marine creatures has been my favorite thing to make the past few weeks. Maybe cause they swim around in my head (oh the bad pun, lol). Anyway I do realize I need to start making other DIYs other than toys and perhaps even non-crochet ones, so I already prepared a few projects. The bad news is, the supplies came from overseas so it would take awhile before they get here and I can get started, but I’ll see if I could come up with something fun beforehand ^^;


  1. Schachenmayr baby smiles lenja soft fluffy polyester yarn 25 g/85 m in light blue
  2. 4 mm crochet hook
  3. A pair of 6 mm black craft eyes
  4. Polyester fiberfill
  5. Craft glue
  6. Tweezers


sl st: slip stitch

ch: chain

sc: stitch

inc: increase

dec: decrease

BLO: Back Loops Only (sc on back loops)

FO: Fasten off



R1: MR (6)

R2: inc (12)

R3: sc, inc (18)

R4: 2 sc, inc (24)

R5: sc around (24)

R6: BLO (24)

R7: 2 sc, dec (18)

R8: sc, dec (12)

Stuff firmly with the assistance of tweezers

R9: dec

continue to make the tentacles: *ch 4, sl st in the ch next to hook, sc in the next 2, sl st to the next ch. sl st in the next two ch, repeat from* until six tentacles are completed. FO and weave in.


Now before you make them, I’d suggest to normally make the right antennae first (your right, facing front). Slip loop to place (start from where the lower point of the antennae should be. Check out the pics here on how.).

Ch 3, sl st in the 2nd ch from hook, ch in the next. Sl st to place. FO and weave in. Repeat for the left antennae, starting from the upper point (mid of head, lined slightly above eyes)

That’s it! Please do remember that you need a little more patience to make this fluffy fella. He might look simple to make but the part where you need to make BLO might be a little tricky since it’s kinda hard to see the stitches (it’s so fluffy!). So if you are a beginner and not familiar with this stitch, it’s better to practice with regular yarn first. This video from CrochetKim would help you to get the idea faster 🙂

I am having a lot of plans (and rather bigger ones) including some collab with another crochet artist so be on the looks! Also I plan to endorse our crochet/crafting community (yup cause I do occasionally do several other crafts. I’m a curious bird hehe) by featuring what you have made with my patterns/tutorials, or just being inspired by them – both here in my blog or just in instagram. I’m currently trying to decide the appropriate (slash slay) hashtag for instagram that could coordinate with the post about it here (if it does fit). So if you do have ideas, feel free to let me know^^

If you like my designs, please give your thumbs up on your favorite post and subscribe because that would really mean the world to me. Also, it motivates me greatly to keep being inspired and it will keep my idea jar flowing 🙂


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