Mermaid Pusheen Crochet Pattern


Last time I did sort of a poll in instagram to see if you guys would be interested in having a pattern for a mermaid Pusheen, and the response was great! I love Pusheen myself (I’ve been dying to get a hand of a Pusheen Cafe mouse pad but still no luck yet) and mermaids are always my favorite (though pusheenicorn and pusheenosaurus are cute, too). So as promised, here is the pattern. I honestly already anticipated the response by taking pictures to help you with each steps, since it’s rather tricky compared to my previous patterns. I do think pictures helps for these ones so I included them.

The pattern provided here is only the pattern for the mermaid tail. The pusheen pattern is the same as the one I posted before here. The only difference I made was that I slip stitched the tc to the same place for the ear parts, which made the ears slightly pointier. For this pattern of course I would suggest you to make one Pusheen first before the mermaid tail 😀


  1. Rico Baby cotton yarn 50 g/125 m (two colors: baby pink and mint)
  2. 3 mm crochet hook
  3. Polyester fiberfill
  4. Black embroidery floss
  5. Pink eyeshadow, to blush the cheeks
  6. Thin plain fabric or felt matching with main yarn color (optional)



sl st: slip stitch

ch: chain

sc: stitch

inc: increase

hdc: half double crochet

dec: decrease

FO: Fasten off




Start with baby pink.

Ch 30, connect with slip stitch (please try to adjust the amount of the stitches to the size of pusheen’s belly, there might be a slight difference because each person stuffs differently. If that’s the case, just go on with the pattern while ignoring the stitch count – or to be more exact, adjusting your amount while still following the pattern. However, the scallop part requires you to have an amount that could be divided by 3.)

And oh, be careful not to twist them.

R2: hdc around (30)

R3: 4 hdc, dec (24)

R4: hdc around (24)

R5: 3 hdc, dec (18)

R6: hdc around (18)

R7: 2 hdc, dec (12)

R8: hdc around

R9: hdc, dec (6)

R10: dec (with hdc’s)

Sl st to the ch across it, just to close the opening. FO and weave in.



Make a loop with the second color yarn (mine was mint) and slipped it through around where you FO last time, right in the middle.

Ch 6. Start from second ch from hook: ch, hdc, tc, hdc, ch. Sl st to the same spot you sl st to start. Repeat one more time for the other fin. FO and weave in.



(Scallop Scales)

Start with the mint yarn on the top part of the tail with the same method of the fin of slipping in the yarn loop. The concept is simple. Each scallops takes space of three stitches, and consist of 3 hdc each. So you basically ch 1, put 3 hdc to the next ch, and sl st to the next ch. Repeat until you’re done and leave a really long tail to sew.

The scallops will face upwards. You will need to fold them downwards and sew the middle part (top of each scallops) to the body of the tail. You are almost done! What’s left is just stuffing and embroidering pusheen’s face.


Now here is the fun part: you can either sew the tail permanently to pusheen’s body or take it on and off to play with (this is what I do). Of course, the half bottom part is stuffed and needs to be secured that way. Just cut the fabric which has a similar color to the tail (in this case pink) then glue it to secure the polyester fiber stuffing. Make sure it’s not visible from outside. This is fun because you can have both pusheen AND mermaid pusheen 🙂 The chubby body usually holds the tail quite well, but you need to make sure of that from the beginning while making the 30 ch for the tail. Another trick would be stuffing the pusheen itself properly, in this case its usually better to over stuff it than under-stuffing it.

Alright, have fun with your mermaid pusheens! Please do credit appropriately when using my pattern. I’d be really looking forward to see your creations^^

Btw, a little spoiler :p Pusheen will still be my theme for the next post, I just think she’s gonna be perfect for the project! (Nope, not a pattern but I hope beginner crocheters would enjoy it.) See you next time! 🙂


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