Succulent Love


Who isn’t in love with tiny succulents lately? I bet everyone you stumble across in any social media does. Well, this time I decided to crochet one because I decided to make something else once in awhile instead just toys. This won’t exactly be a tutorial but I will give you a detail, or rather, run down of the process. Let’s start with the larger pot.

Now I have been crocheting for a little over a year, so I wanted a little more challenge – which is why I’ve tried mixing different technique and methods. The pots, first of all were made of natural ingredients based air dry clay (I used fimo brand), cut round with a cutter then bent to form a bowl, dried for 48 hours and sanded. The yarns I used for the big cactus are regular sized (for 3 mm needle) yarns and regular sized eyelash mohair yarn to give the prickly effect. I crochet three yarns at once instead of one with a 5 mm needle. That said, there is nothing special about the pattern since I basically blind crochet both of the cactus. The flower on top is a simple pattern very similar to the one I have written before for the crystal doily tutorial here.


The flower is actually the first kinda real challenge I had because you can already call the technique close to micro crochet (I think). I used a 1 mm hook and unravel a normal cotton yarn (a normal yarn has five strands and I used only one) then use it for crocheting the flower. The middle part with pink dots is only micro beads I got from Martha Stewart’s store (it was a gift though, it’s not available here in Germany).

The second pot takes relatively much longer since it’s purely micro crocheted, with bullion stitch details. Again I only blind crochet it so the form is irregular but that was the purpose because no leaf has exact same forms and sizes. The pattern, though blind crocheted, is also similar to the one linked above, only one round bigger. The smaller leaves in the middle were made by fastening off after the outer leaves are done, then surface crocheting them, starting from the middle of the piece. Lastly, I added the bullion stitches with a darker shade of green embroidery floss.


After gluing it to place on the pot I added the stones (yep, they’re real pebbles) and let them sit like that to make it look more natural. I always avoid to use glue in crafting when it’s not very necessary, because I personally think if there is a better method to hold them in place then a glue should never be a first option, rather as a last resort (which is why a lot of youtube tutorials gives me the cringe since those stuffs may look cute but most won’t last even a week because they’re made to be easy to make; i.e. for people who can’t sew and stuff). Lastly, I shade them with chalk pastels: pink, salmon and moss green. The yarn itself was pale green so it gives a tinkle, that image of a shy cacti whose growing slowly.

It’s just nice for a change to make these, it was a lot of fun. Mixing various media always gives quite the challenge, I have to admit that since I mostly only make toys, whether its crochet, clay or sewing. Of course it gets boring sometimes. If anyone would love to share their experience in challenging themselves by making something new (especially with mixed media), kindly comment below. I’d be thrilled! 🙂


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