Totoro Squishy Bun Crochet Pattern

Yep, another free amigurumi pattern! Who doesn’t love Japanese delicate desserts with cute anime character faces on it? This time you can crochet an easy version of a totoro bun, and it’s squishy enough to serve as a stress ball.



R1: MR (8)

R2: inc (16)

R3: sc, inc (24)

R4: 2 sc, inc (32)

R5: 3 sc, inc (40)

R6: 4 sc, inc (48)

R7-10: sc around (48)

R11: BLO around (48)

R12: 4 sc, inv dec (40)

R13: 3 sc, inv dec (32)

R14: 2 sc, inv dec (24)

R15: sc, inv dec (16) stuff

R16: inv dec

Fasten off and weave in ends.


R1: MR (3)

R2: inc (6)

R3: sc, inc (9)

R4-7: sc around

Fasten off, leave long tail

And there you have it! Decorate with felt for eyes. I also made a crocheted leaf to decorate him. You can find the free tutorial for the leaf here.

Have fun and don’t forget to follow my instagram @judithchenart for more recent update! Thank you^^


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