a simple crochet guide for beginners

I remember I told everyone that I learn crochet just around 7 months ago, and now I can proudly say that I am already able to create few simple designs. Crochet is also a simple math, combined with various types of knots. Though yeah, sometimes you can just wing it, if you´re more of a ´go with the flow´ type. However, of course to break some rules you need to learn it first.

I started crafting with sewing, so you can say that I am basically a seamstress 😀 I somehow found crocheting a lot like sewing. There are a lot of type of stitches and each creations might need one or more stitches or techniques to get the right shape – but there´s no fixed rules. The difference is, crochet is a little more bound to math. If sewing needs accuracy in pattern shape and sizes, crochet is more like how you make the counts of the stitches.

For example, if you want a round shape you normally should start with a ring of six basic stitches (often known as the magic ring) then go around while increasing the size. Crochet increase the size by adding two or more stitches in one loop instead of one. So normally if you´ve made two stitches in one loop after each of two stitches, then the next round it usually will be two stitches in one loop after each of three and so on.

How To Start

Each shape has different methods so take your time to learn them one by one. However, the best way to learn crochet is learn at least a few basic stitches. An exciting project is always the best motivation , so I would suggest to look in youtube because it´s easier to see it visually than just reading the pattern or see mere pictures. Youtube has a wide arrays of crochet tutorial, but pick wisely. Start with a tutorial which only need basic stitches (a project normally mentions what kind of stitches are required to make the project). Simple stitches are for instance stitch, slip stitch, increase and decrease. These ones doesn´t need much muscle memory so doing it while watching the video tutorial is totally fine. When I just started, I normally would watch the tutorial at least once before starting the project to make sure that I can follow it to the end.

Picking Up Materials

After picking the project I normally would look for the yarn with the right color. Remember to pick the yarn in the same size for each project unless the instructions says otherwise. So ALL the yarn for a project needs to be the same size (unless for example, you´re making a fairy and the hair needs a thicker yarn, but the rest should have the same size. if there´s no sizes mentioned then just use the ones that approximately has the same thickness). Also, make sure the yarn size matches the crochet hook/needle.

You don´t need to pick the same yarn and hook size like the tutorial you pick, but do remember that there will be a difference in size. Obviously a bigger yarn would create a bigger object but even with the same size yarn you can create a difference in size with a different size of hook. The hook size normally need to be adjusted to the yarn size, but there´s no exact law to it as long as it can hook properly and its comfortable to work with.

My most often used hook is size 3, but its because I like petite sized plushies and that´s about the size that fits the yarns in the stores around here. So when picking yours, do try it out and make sure you are comfortable with them.

Alright, let´s get started. For starters, here are some simple tutorials you can find in other sites that may help:

Basic Stitches

Don´t worry too much on how you hold the string. Everyone do it rather differently. What´s important is you get the basic, like how to do a knot properly. Then later, how to start and end a round, etc.

Magic Ring (and increase)

Cute and Simple Plush for Beginners

Bored to just try the basics?  Why not directly try to get the hang of it while making something cute? This tutorial is just right for kawaii lovers:

and if you get a hang of that one quicker than you expected, here´s something a little more challenging:

If you fail once or twice, don´t be disheartened. It takes a little while to get used to it and grasp the idea. I am currently also still learning by doing, I am really excited to learn Tunisian crochet but I´m still looking for the right project to make with this technique. If you have questions, kindly write them down in the comment section below and I´ll get back to you soon. Meanwhile, have fun! 🙂

video credit: Flying Mio and June Gilbank


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