Kitties and Sweets

Who doesn’t love kitties? Those fluffy little felines sure are adorable. But being in combo with flowers or sweets sure makes them a deadly combo x3 The first kitty pictured is my first needle-felted cat and the second critter I made with needle felting technique. I never knew needle felting requires such patience, but I start to really like it! From the wool leftovers I made a second identical cat and put him on a carpet with the little lamb I made. The lamb was made from the last scraps of the two cats 🙂

The first cat was named Siobhan, after my best friend’s cat. I made this cat especially for her. Siobhan is now on his way to Belgium! I hope she will love him. Siobhan is complemented with a bucket of roses. The rose bucket is especially designed for the cat, and is carefully sculpted by hands without molds. I only use needles and toothpicks as usual^^


DSC03819 DSC03840

What’s pictured below is my side projects I just finished recently. To support my art doll making I also do clay sculpting occasionally. I’m currently learning from youtube tutorials but I think it works great! At least I think it doesn’t look so much like a rookie’s work, don’t you think so? 🙂 I do various kind of crafts because I’m a curious person. I like to try something new and experience it. Perhaps, learning more is always my passion – from academical things, practical skills, crafting, cooking…everything. People learn for a different reason, but for me I just simply like it. Just like how I want to stay in Germany, trying to get a job here, studying, crafting, cooking, its all simply because I love it. I think as long as you keep striving for the best (not being the best but only giving the best you can) success will follow.


macaronjar.png rosecake2.png


I know lots of people create things to sell and sometimes at some point it turned them into a cash-making machine. I honestly don’t really appreciate art dolls made by mold but perhaps I could try to understand what business to other people meant. Maybe my creations aren’t being recognized so much yet but I can ensure you everything is made with love. Creating every single piece eases me from my thoughts or whatever is currently going on. I can’t say exactly what I’m currently thinking but you may peek a little bit here


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