New Call: Art Dolls!

So I finally gather my guts to make art dolls! I’ve been wanting to try it for quite awhile but since I’m a total noob in sculpting and painting and I’m not an expert in sewing dolls yet, I totally have no guts! I started sculpting a face which is a total mess, and I wasted nearly one block of fimo. So with the leftovers I made a smaller one and procrastinate months until I finally won some free art doll supplies and think, now or never. Though I think in comparison to other artists who started before me, I’m still lousy but I’m quite happy with the result. At least I don’t need to be embarrassed when I show it to people ^^;


This doll is only roughly 7cm tall, made from faux fur and fimo. all features are handmade. the doll is not posable but she can sit by herself without support. Now another good news is, I won another free supplies. This time its craft eyes from Sun Catcher Eyes. I can’t use them with fimo, as fimo needs to be baked, but I will order some air-dry based velvet clay so I can use them together. I still have a grey faux fur and the white ones as well from Mira, the really nice lady who gift me the art doll kit supplies. She said if I need something she will help me, very nice of her right? 🙂

On top of that, I do have a deep green glitter fimo that I already plan to use with some glass cabochon for eyes. All I need now is some more white acrylic paint and shade brush. Thankfully, they’re supposed to be provided in the local craft store. I’m contented, seems like the second art doll doesn’t have to wait that long to be made and the third should be planned well already. Experiment is fun! xD



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