Last Year’s Birthday Clay Rose Bauble

So my birthday is crawling closer…and I already knew what I’ll be getting as a gift from my boyfriend (he’s not very discreet) 😛 Anyway, for various  reasons, this year I don’t plan to celebrate…So I just wanna share what I did last year with my cake. My best friend baked it for me, I only contributed the concept.

2013 bday cake rose bauble


The idea is actually really simple. I made clay roses and put them into small baubles (the baubles are store bought). I also put paper scraps and small beads as an additional decoration. Like you see in the picture, I decorate it upside down so the part where you normally put a string to hang on the tree functions as a stick that keeps the position steady when you put the bauble on the cake. After blowing the candle, I took out the baubles, wipe them clean then distribute them to my special guests as a gratitude. Neat, right? One of my friend told her brother’s girlfriend ans he thought it was a good idea so she planned to do the same for hers. If you think it is, you might consider it for yours too. ^^


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