Note of Progress

So, I’ve been trying to spare time between study and plush-making lately. If someone ask when did I start making plushies, I’d say when I’m 6. It was because I need to sell them to earn my pocket money. Every time I went home with an empty happy meal box that used to be full of tiny bears, rabbits and santas, all that I have in my tiny head was how much chips I can get with those money.

However, at that time those are really simple shaped ones, its nothing like the ones I’m starting to make recently. So to say, first plushie was actually a terry cat that I made with a Runo pattern. That was around 2010 and afterwards I didn’t make anything much but simple shaped ones like onigiri or an owl. Only in mid 2013 I decided that I’ll start again, clean from zero. The first one I made at that time was the little guardian plushie. I wasn’t satisfied. I did lots and lots of observations of other people’s work, even in a way that you may think ridiculous such as observing seam lines in pictures, just so I get a better grip of pattern-making. I’m actually still doing it until now.

After that the first thing I made for my shop was the fox girl plush which was quite a hit. However I’m not that satisfied because basically she’s only a beanie, and her had is 2 dimensional. But I’d be honest…I wasn’t sure what to make for my first 3D head plush. By browsing DA I know that I’ve grown interest in pony plushies, but maybe I won’t start with making a filly. In the end I decided to do baby steps with making a pony beanie (though I called it baby pony) with a 3D head. If its a success, go further. If its a failure, try again. that’s how it is. Trial and error in this case is kinda tough because I don’t have a machine. So I had to be sure that everything will seem to work then try it on. Here is the result! 🙂


Well, still far fetched from other plush artists that I’m looking up to – but a progress is a progress no matter how small it is. Now, figuring out what’s next to challenge myself…thoughts? 🙂


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