Breath-taking AE Dentelle BJD Doll

ImageSo, first of all, I decided to revoke my decision to merge my two blogs. The reason is very simple. This morning I woke up too early since I’m too excited last night for the sudden-but very generous offer from the artist whose making my custom diamond ring – but I will talk about it later, maybe around December when I receive my ring.

So, back to the case. I was browsing DA page – I was a member since 3 years ago but was barely active. The reason is I’m really busy with my academic life, and I just recently started crafting again. I know there are way too many talented doll artists, but I just enjoy it as my side hobby – aside of writing academic report/journal.

What remind me of revoking my plan was this post from doll menagerie (you can find her here: She was talking about her doll contest and she said this in one of the inquiries: “First think of the audience you are writing to. Is there a good chance that they will also love Dentelle? Please see that your audience consists of doll or Art fans, so that she feels at home.”

Come to think of it, I really haven’t think it through when I decide to merge my blogs. Imagine if I posted things about other artist’s creation in my other blog, which consist mostly of my academic writing, minor opinion/analysis, or travel. Now, about Dentelle, I think she is honestly one of the most stunning BJD doll I’ve ever seen. I mean, look at the genius and careful hand crafting on her dainty porcelain skin.


I’ve been in love with BJD for awhile, though honestly I don’t really have one yet. I secretly have a passion about dolls, and though use to make plush toys, but I do want to learn how to create a BJD. I think Dentelle would be a perfect inspiration for me. To be fair, I’m not a big fan of curly hair, let alone blonde. But Dentelle is something else. Generally speaking, you’d have to visit the artist who made her: to understand what I’m talking about.

I made dolls too, I know that whatever you make and no matter how good it looks, there are probably tents or even hundreds of people out there who can do what you do, or (worse) even better. So to strive to differ, you need to make yourself pop. I’m not there yet, not even close, especially my first drive is academic life, and dolls (including other crafts and cooking) comes second. So what you can see from these BJD dolls created by dollmenagerie, push me to keep going further with my crafting life, especially regarding the fact that it’s already hard enough to manage my time. I mean, look at her carving details! Just how amazing it could be, I  wonder how long does it spent to carve just one doll. Not just that, when the doll is colored, and got her face-up, its even more stunning. I’m really dazzled, and I hope someday I can at least make a proper BJD.

I’m a full-time master student, and left behind with 10 credit points due to the examination regulations for foreign student. My lecturer is kind enough to spare me with extra tasks instead of prolonging one semester study, so I can do my thesis in the regular study length – which will also cracks me, because it’s next semester.

All in all, nothing is easy especially if you’re a greedy person like me who has too much hobbies. Oh, and yes, I also like to dance – various types. Although I have to blab so long, I hope in the end its clear that this amazing doll reminds me on what should I do, and keep my crafting life in track no matter what. Funny how small things could be a big reminder. Thanks, Dentelle! 🙂



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