ultimate esty wishlist #1

Hi there! Long time no see. I’m back (well I can say that now, haha) with tons of wishlist, especially from etsy! Just got some things granted, got some gifts from giveaways and etsy seller too but, let’s keep that for later 😉

As you know etsy had a wide range of wonderful stuffs, but what I love most is the jewelries! Let us see some of my favorites, shall we? >3<

5. Eye-catching aqua quartz necklace by Jenalyn’s Creations

Hmm actually this is my most wanted item, but..since I already have it (almost, I must say. I’m still waiting for the package to arrive) so I put it on the last wishlist! 🙂

This piece of art is a large aqua quartz necklace, a real gemstone in such size, amazing isn’t it? I’m really happy that my darling bought it for me! ❤ The stone is large, bright and eye catching! God I’m longing for blue stuffs lately,..And for some special reasons, I think I’ll do a review on Jenny’s shop later when my package arrive ^^

4. Fairy quartz Lightbrary Crystal Cluster by Kuberacove

If I had my own place to stay someday, I would pick stuffs like this for my home deco. Natural chunk of mineral gemstones, not really polished but…So lovely!

3. Wolf and heart bracelet (eclipse inspired) by TwilighterVA

I love to watch the movie, well I like the action part, actually ;p And I think Taylor Lautner is very hot! Having something like this would remind me to someone warm hearted and loyal like Jacob, I suppose ;D Oh I imagine that I would go on a date with my bf wearing this bracelet..haha silly me..

2. Amethyst stalactite cluster necklace by Andrea Bonelli

My number two most wanted, artistic artwork by Plum and Sage! They always have delicate and high quality gemstone wrapped with delicate metalworks. Awesome! This amethyst chunk necklace will certainly put the person who wears it into spotlight, thus, gain much confidence!

1. Lucy VII necklace in rose quartz by Marlo Noel

Finally, the coin cut rose quartz I always adore, Lucy VII necklace by Marlo Noel! This is something I absolutely crave for my wedding…someday ❤

What is your etsy wishlist?^^

PS. I decide to re-open my shop after a long time…Now I’m still working on some orders I’m gonna post later. But if you have some custom orders for plushes/accesories you can just click the “order” button on the banner and tell me the details.  see ya! 🙂


7 thoughts on “ultimate esty wishlist #1

  1. Taryn H. says:

    that aqua necklace that you’ve ordered is outstanding! such a pretty color.

    Would you be willing to trade buttons? I just opened a vintage store and the button is available on my blog. I’ll add yours to my links page in the mean time 🙂

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