I’m still around the corner

hello folks…Many has been asking “where have you been, you haven’t updated your blog lately…” Um..I did, actually, only it’s the other blog, not this one..hehe 😛

Well, life’s been a little bit busy lately, and I am going to have my final thesis test next tuesday. Geez I’m so nervous!

Just to let you know actually I’m still running some craft projects, I just haven’t take any pics or post about it. After my test (plus revision approval and blahblah) I will be back soon, I have tons of things I wanna share, believe me 🙂

And for all of you who supported me, I am planning a  little giveaway after I graduate later. So…wish me luck 😉

this pic was taken by my sis. she loves my plushies and now she’s starting her own artworks too! 🙂


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