bushes of flowers

Today I went to my friend’s graduation ceremony (well I hope next ceremony is mine! tee hee, getting closer there, though^^)  The dresscode is a bit weird to me: beautiful and handsome. Well who doesn’t want to look that way in such an essential ceremony? ^^;

Anyway in some ways suddenly I wanna post my pic with this evening’s outfit. I wore the dress from Carly J.Cais. If you read my older post she is an awesome American fashion designer, and she also did many super awesome DIY tutorials xD really admire her 😉 You can check out her blog, chic steals!  (the link is in my sidebar).

flower dress:  forever 21

snowflake swarovsky necklace:  local crafter in Ken Ting, Taiwan

cherry red swarovsky earring: check fun

bangle : pink jade (also from Ken Ting)

white cardigan:  MANGO

handbag: unbranded

Ah btw I really forgot that I wanna show Suke (yeah that’s what I call my bestie who had her grad ceremony this evening) the ring I made..but…I forgot -______-” I am soooo forgetful these days, loads of jobs occupied my brain’s bandwith haha..

Tried this based on a craft book. Yes, the very first craft book I bought after 2 years. So I did an experiment on these leftofers:

emroidery threads, coconut shell button, DIY ring, scrap of black velvet

And turn all those stuff them into this rose ring:


So in the end I just wanna say..today is a park full of bushes of flowers! Evening ceremony with flower dress, flower earring and ending the day with a rose ring blog post hehe 😀

And I don’t care if it’s not in the “what’s in fashion” list. I make my own fashion, since it is my passion and no one else 😉

Gotta sleep soon, saving energy coz I gotta deadline and tomorrow’s my friend’s main graduation ceremony.  Night everyone, coming up with craft swap report in the next post! >3<


8 thoughts on “bushes of flowers

  1. Judith Chen says:

    my pleasure becca! 😉

    yes you should try, boys tee are fun! my sist just bought me another one, with a husky print on it..I looove it so much and will post it later on >3<

    thanks so much, have a great day!



  2. aphrodita says:

    jude kalo boleh kritik foto-foto buat blog mu diusahain yg bagus (it’s mean not blury and have a good tone colors)…
    detail is important for craft things,haha, sok tau deng…

    hope u don’t mind i said like that jude…


  3. Judith Chen says:

    I don’t mind kak dita 🙂

    emang lg working on it nih, soalnya emg aku motretnya pake kamera hp yg cm 2 ama 5 MP, plus jelly lens..dan jujur..sama sekali ga jago moto ni hehe :p

    thankyou yaaa ^^

  4. aphrodita says:

    ah…pinter-pinternya kita ngatasi keterbatasan yg ada kok…
    aku juga awalnya pake kamera HP aja, tapi gimana caranya diusahain gambarnya enak diliat,haha…*maksain*


    • Judith Chen says:

      yaaah kan masi belajar kk..perkembangan kan sedikit2, ngga lgsg tau2 jadi bagus. dan aku jujur aja mesti bagi waktu krn aku jg lg skripsi skrg.. 🙂

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