midnight chunks

on the above pic: onigiri, tamago sushi and salmon sushi

I’ve been playing around with photo effects lately, and I’m in love with the water color effect! As you can see this is what I use for editing some of the photos I posted xD

you can also see other photo effects in the photos below:

this is the apple spice beef steak I tried to made. My 2nd attempt actually, because I’m testing my newest recipee. I love the mixing of cinnamons, apple and oregano! >3< Also use other spices of course but those are my fave! xD

This one was taken by my friend, during my bestie’s little graduation party..quite a crazy pict I must say..haha you can see for yourself. We took this in a rush since we're all afraid for being kicked out by the security haha :p

Ahh and the last one is my photo, tried to edit this with watercolor effect, I'm in love with it! ^3^ if you wanna try it yourself you can just click here. Have fun! :3

PS. I have an incoming craft swap! yay! x3


2 thoughts on “midnight chunks

  1. Rebecca says:

    thx for already post a comment on my blog ,, šŸ™‚

    thank you . ur craft ,, all of them .. CUTE ! >.<
    I love too! šŸ˜€

    exchange link ?
    yes , i will . šŸ™‚
    I will take ur link on my blog ,,
    can u take my link to ur site ? if u don't mind . šŸ™‚

    thx for visited my blog ,,
    xoxo ,

  2. Judith Chen says:

    hello becca, thanks for the visit^^

    sure I already put your link under the ‘blogwalking’ section in my sidebar :3

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