You see, it’s a super boring weekend..

hula2 dance won’t help *stress mode ON

I got loads to do and I failed to enjoy my lazy weekend,

this is so FRUSTATING!!!

And then, something pisses me off..

If you see this little brat..Tell me immediately!! Or you can just eat him..And no, don’t be fooled by his innocent look!!!

eh..what?? Ok I get it..


And there he is, hiding in my laundry basket..

You’re busted dude!!

And don’t give me that look with my underwear on your head!!!


3 thoughts on “WANTED, DEAD OR ALIVE!!!

  1. Judith Chen says:

    @fhen: will sure visit your blog and check out the giveaway, arigatou~ :3

    @zhazha: thankyou so much^^ yes sure you are much welcome. will visit you again some times 🙂

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