fuzzy spring bash

I  had an upcoming project..In May my friend’s campus is going to held a Japanese festival..and she plan to share me a spot so i can sell my goodies there! feels like dancing in the middle of poppies and daisies!  xD

My friends said I better make bigger size plushes, such as mini cushions size since it would  be more profitable, and perhaps the customer would find it nicer to hug their plush rather than just putting them as mini decos. I think that’s a nice idea! I am now making the very first mini cushion plush. Not done yet but will sure post it later! 🙂

I also have a project…I wanna make some fan Pet Society fan art plushes. My pet is a little sloppy husky, here is his photo. His name is Huskybaby xD

Huskybaby also have a girlfriend (she is my boyfriend’s pet!) her name is Yuudich..taken from my name.  Isn’t he sweet? *blush…will introduce her to you later, she is busy wearing her yukata now >3< btw just FYI I am also ordering a new button design, and the icon would be the icon of my shop too ;D the new one is will be very similar to the old one like in the header, so it will be just another version of them ^^.

Have a nice day everyone, I’ll be back here with updates of new items soon, and they’re all for sale too! :3


8 thoughts on “fuzzy spring bash

    • Judith Chen says:

      sure sure, of course, will link you 😀 and just FYI I’m gonna make some free craft tutorials here! hope you like crafting^^ thanks so much, you have a nice blog indeed :3

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