sushi fella~rolled with love stitches :3

Finally I managed time to finish this little buddy! After this I’m gonna take another short break, gotta finish my thesis revision >.< As planned before I want to make special offer for japanese food set: I’m gonna sell only like 5 sets at maximum…and I will give bonus 1 random sushi to the first three who booked them xD how exciting is that? x3


And this little sushi roll have a little secret…she said..”Pssst, see what I have inside. Open me!” And here’s what she’s got:



But then, she’s all alone!  She ran along and found one lost onigiri…and she make friends with him..They looked happy, right? 🙂

And now..of she goes! Since I will be taking a break, sushi roll-san had the duty to examine this  mini glass jar for my next project! >3<

“Oh crap, I’m trapped!”


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