craft swap!!

As I said before, I’m expanding things here…No, not sponsors/affies..I’m still waiting’s about the craft swap!  Finally got my very first craft swap with sist Aphrodita from Cemprut ! x3

Yesterday I received this little package while I was taking photos of my stuffs. Guess what, she named this moustachy guy JUDE! haha, that’s really nice isn’t it?

The plushie is a part of the ‘Cem-cem Family’. I haven’t met the rest of them but I’m really curious on how cute they might look like! You can peek her blog if  you’re as curious as I am ;D The plushie is small and huggable, made from leftofers such as corduray, felt, colorful buttons, cheerful motives cotton: all the things everyone will fall in love with! And this is a great use of leftofers right ;3 (psst..some of my plushes also used leftofers too! But not all..Guess she did better than I do).

And since mister moustachy Jude had travel in a long journey…I summon him to meet my onigiris and have lunch..ehh I mean have a chat 😀

And you see, the onigiris are happy too! See them smile 🙂 This three onigiris are made for an order…I’m also gonna make some sushi rolls to fill up the batch ;D

You see now, handmades is not just an art, it’s full of love ^3^ I REALLY LOVE my very first craft swap!!! ❤ So, anyone else who would love to do craft swap with me? x9

Will be here again with some good news! 😉


11 thoughts on “craft swap!!

  1. Judith Chen says:

    you’re welcome 🙂

    hope the tea cup and onigiri arrive soon..ah and included your blog link in this post too btw ^^

    sure, Jude will be a good boy, he pinky swear me xD

  2. Judith Chen says:

    @ all: thankyou for visiting..the onigiri now have company, sushi roll and salmon sushi..just haven’t post the salmon sushi. but the sushi roll is in the first post^^

    anyone wants to exchange link? 🙂



  3. Mi (なおみ) says:

    Hai Judith …. aku juga suka dengan Cem-cem Family …
    You have a nice blog .. let’s go Craft Swap .. I can’t wait to have your Onigiri or salmon sushi ? … hhhmm yummy … (^.^).

    email me yaa ….

    • Judith Chen says:

      yay xD iya aku yg adopt cem-cem family yg dia namanya beda sendiri dibanding yg laen, namanya Jude 😀 yg bikin kk ditha dr cemprut 🙂

      sure sure will mail you asap ^^ you can have them both, or choose any other items from my shop for the craft swap too, just take a look around :3

      can’t wait, thanks so much xD



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