glimpse of new release items!

Yes dearies, I am here with one new item of each upcoming plushes set. On the above pic you can see the brown ROTI KEPANG from JAJAN PASAR SET (Indonesian traditional snack set) and ONIGIRI from JAPANESE FOOD SET. Other items from the set will come up soon! 😉 But uhm, sorry commissions are not open yet. Hope you don’t mind to wait^^ I really need time to manage a lot of things by now, esp I’m struggling for my err – skrip(shit), a research in condition to graduate ^^; Sorry for that! m(- _-)m

Ehm, and yes, please also note that the  japanese and indonesian food set will be a limited sale  item, so you better be fast! :3 Anyway, I made some fun this afternoon (afterall it’s weekend! xD ). Spent the afternoon cooking my selfmade recipee, creamy cheesy spaghetti for my sisters and their friend who pay a visit…And while waiting for my youngest sist, Angelica, baking cake, I took these photos with my camera phone plus a little help from my  jelly lenses x3

And here’s some fun I’ve got!  ^3^




Well there you go, hope you had a nice weekend too, and get ready for the upcoming monday. See ya, be back soon 🙂


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