random fascinating stuffs

Look at this super cute panda plushes sofa. Not sure if I even have a heart to sit on it :9

And this cute coffee cup? Gosh this cup could ruin my skin and health for not being able to stop drinking coffee LMAO..Besides, the cat is too cute! xD

Coming up next, is the super stylish sofa! Gawd this is so creative..and indeed, creative at the same time. Amazing!  This thing could look like one enermous deco, and at the other time could turn to such a cozy sofa. Brilliant idea to save space 😉

Last but not least..the one that I would die to have one in my house..Although not sure how to feed the fish or how to clean the tank. But who really cares? This is just awesome! I always love  bringing the outdoor atmosphere into the room. Haha, and tell ya what, I treasure bath time soooo much xD  I normally spent like, more than one hour to take a shower.. But if I have this thing maybe I will go back to the bathroom every 5 minutes, hahaha..Anyhow that’s my fave. Which one is yours? 😀


6 thoughts on “random fascinating stuffs

    • Judith Chen says:

      ya me too, it really comes in handy..and so stylish 🙂 ah..we could exchange link if you want^^

      thx for visiting



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