sneakery peekery :9

Folks I’m planning to close my shop temporarily due to a short break. The reason is plenty. First of all I need more time to prepare designs, no more making based on intuition only. I really want to do this more seriously, designing items, at least with a clear rough sketch, measuring and stuffs. As art is about passion, I need to find the chemistry to make the new stuffs, since I am not that satisfied with my previous products. I am an otodidak crafter, I love to learn by myself and observing other crafters, but indeed, I still have way so much to learn. I believe a great art requires not just a proper ability, but the right chemistry and passion, also the right materials. And that’s a lot of stuffs to work with, haha.

Next, I am announcing two things. First,  as I said I am going to release new stuffs, and here’s one sneak peek of one of them. This petite teacup phone strap is not done yet, though. Still need to add vintage style chain and swarovsky (as seen on pic).

Other stuffs I’m gonna work with is jajan pasar plushes (Indonesian traditional snacks). Some designs will be contributed by my product designer fella, Mr.Bullyzuar Adam a.k.a Inno. Thankyou very much! ;D

Second, I am going to close my shop temporarily around 1-8th April. Yes, I need a break. I am fully loaded with school and projects, including projects outside this shop. It keeps flowing and if I can’t improve in time managing, I’ll surely be drowned >.< I have to admit I’m pathetic in time management. Hmm anyone got any idea to do better in this?

Meanwhile, I am going to relax my mind with this pics. This river is insanely enchanting, the Caristales river in Columbia. Got this pics forwaded from my mum…Can you believe this river got 5 different color glaze in it’s water? Gotta flee there someday! Alas, yeah now is relaxing time *sipping apple tea :9


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