cookie of the day

Yeah as tea time  isn’t complete without nibbling cookies, a new little business like mine won’t be complete without good affiliations! ❤ Will come up with great affies. still a secret but will tell you soon 😉

Ah and I did mention about a cookie, eh? Yeah I know this pic is not eligible to be posted (yeah my poor cam phone, I don’t blame you baby) but say, this is just a sneak peek haha..anyway the cookie is just for accompanying the tea cup plush. sounds nice. tea cup and cookie, haha 😀

Ok and I’m coming up with err..stuffs that actually I’m suppose to prepare earlier, like product tag but now I’m still ordering the design. geez I’m a dork ^^;  And I’m also coming up with new plush designs, and also some other stuffs I’m going to tell later 😉

Btw speaking of sneak peek, I gotta DIY dress project, madeout from a tee (from my boyfriend) and a tanktop (bought it cheap hehe). Yeah, another inappropriate pic and halfdone stuff. But I’m still happy to show you this:

Weekend is so nearby, have a great time! >3<


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