tea time ;)

Have you realize that everything is about tea time now? I found some dresses which is IN  now,  are  flowery vintage dresses (I just bought one today ❤ )  that really looks for having tea time (at least to me). And guess what’s the hottest movie in town now? Alice in Wonderland.  The hot guy Johnny Depp plays as the mad hatter. And what does the mad hatter usually do? Yes dear, drink tea :3

See the accesories in nearest stores? to me some themes are not so far from afternoon tea time. rose rings, fancy hairbands, laces, big bows, and many more. Well I can say perhaps it’s not the mainstream right now but I still prefer this kinda style. Hmm I’m not that update but see…

I think it’s nice to keep this tea time atmosphere coz it’s relaxing. And that’s why I’m making these teacups plushes! 😉

This set (1st pic with 3 cups)  is actually not done yet, will add pics when I finished the other two. This set is made for a good friend of mine, a kind hearted lady 🙂 Will sure finish the set soon for you, my dear ;D

And I finally decided I will open an um..semi-shop I think. I am now open for orders 😀 anyone interested could directly mail me: halfdevil_alhemist@yahoo.com

and tell me what item are you interested in 🙂 All items I posted before are still available to remake.  custom made items are also welcome. for custom made items, price comes by nego 😉

Btw if you’re interested in the teacup plush, the price is Rp.30.000/cups. Any expressions you desire are welcome, here is the expression chart to help:

But sorry dear, due to shipping probs temporarily this is for Indonesian citizen only 😦 Just IF someday there are some customers worldwide I will try to find out the best way to ship across country.

And ah, I already finished the two velvet headbands for my other friend’s order. She said she will wear them @ her birthday. But she already tried one of them. This is the gold chain-black velvet one:

Ok folks, see ya next time 😉 Ah, and pssst, will come up with new banner soon >3<


13 thoughts on “tea time ;)

    • Judith Chen says:

      wah maaf yah mgkn yahoonya yg lg error. alamatnya bener ga? halfdevil_alchemist@yahoo.com. mau order yg mana say?

      maaf yah baru buka nih jd form dst belum ada, jadi kurang convenient. maaf m(_ _)m

      ditulis aja (komen dsini jg boleh)

      jenis plush:
      ekspresi: (sesuai nomor d chart, mau kombinasi jg boleh)

      makasih say 🙂

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