love & craft story

My bf is back to his hometown now, but we managed to take some pics. We had some candle light dinners and in one moment I am wearing the satin tea dress I won from a giveaway ❤ And guess what, I won another giveaway too! I won the awesome vintage dress from Taryn, you can check her out in her blog, style-phenomenon. The dress will be sent to me this weekend^^.

Btw, these are the pics of me n my bf dion. Both pics are taken when we are having italian cuisine :p And after several dinners we decide at the last day I will cook for him, and gladly he really liked it!! 😀 this is a recipee…emm you can say I found my own way to cook since I rarely read recipees from books or internet…I cooked creamy cheese spaghetti, really an easy peasy one. and all people who ate it liked it! next time, I’ll try chinese style spaghetti 🙂 Hmm and I wish he would cook another dish for me. Last time he served a salmon dish for me! X3  *drool

Alrigthy, now move to the crafts…I have several craft request..I made another custom made plush, this silly-fatty cow plush for my friend in jakarta 🙂

At first I wasn’t sure I could made an appropiate cow because I don’t have a pattern and I never made a cow plush before ^^;  but yeah..I made it XD

I still have a few orders to fulfil, and will post them too later on…psst, this order is kinda special! two custom made headbands: gold chain and peacock feather. never made this before, but I’ll do my best. wish me luck ok!^^


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