Almost Valentine <3

My boyfriend is visiting me again in 2 days!  >3< We’ll celebrate valentine together, he plan to cook me a special salmon dish!  Yumm..boy he always said that I’m a salmon freak :p And pssst, I already bought him something special! Will post the pic later when he opened it^^.

He will depart by train tomorrow, not by plane as usual,  since  the air ticket is very expensive, the price is 3x from the usual @_@ I am cleaning the house myself, since I have no housemaid atm, it’s hard to find one.  My mom sent my last housemaid to my auntie’s house to take care of my grandma, because my other auntie who used to take care of grams passed away.

I ordered an amigurumi bear btw, it will arrive  within 2 days I think. Yeah I ordered when I am lazy to make one. Besides I’m not that good at crochet too, remember? :p *lazy girl’s alibi.

But ah, I happen to manage time to make a blue bat doll. Yeah I planned to make a purple one but these blue materials are the leftover from the husky pillow I made for my bf last xmas.

Last but not least, I have to  tell ya that I bought some e-books (nah, actually it’s from my bf, hihi). And I think I’m gonna have  more cute  plush patterns!  I am lazy to make one pattern myself now, but I am still running some craft projects. Yeah as u know I am greedy, I have some paperwork projects as well. It’s just not good to waste your talent, right? Well this is very contradictive if you know what I’ve just done.

Pssst, I tell ya one secret: I just reject another singing offer. I got a phone call offering me to get involved in a recording. But I’m still thinking the same, music isn’t really my world. At least not for now. Besides, I don’t think I can sing that well.

Some says I’m stupid for not trying.  But I will try. Only not this time.


2 thoughts on “Almost Valentine <3

  1. Judith Chen says:

    hello onic! thankyou so much >3<

    btw I decided to make a charm bracelet, inspired by you tee hee 😀

    and ah, I made another plushie already, will post it asap 🙂

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