product parade!! trademarks decided

After quite a pause…here are my new works! XD

Those are the products I made in December, some are already sold! 🙂 The blue husky is my xmas gift I made for my bf that I said earlier before, it matches my black kitty pillow ❤ You can also see my self designed – set of mini monster plushes, and also a set of version owl I made from a tutorial.

But one of the special item is the mini black cat plush with a red ribbon. It is made of soft black velvet, and I made that for my friend’s order, so I will only sell 1 item I think^^. I am making more owls as the respond is good, but I am only planning to sell that 1 set of monster set to make it limited. And that way I also have more time to start new plushes designs! Later on I will buy a dark purple towel to make  a bat plushie :3

Last but not least, I already decide my trademark for plushes:

– soft towels are my pick for the main material ❤

– embroidering will be mostly done by silk threads

– face such as eyes, nose etc will be made mostly by fabric, hand sewed to the plush and not glued.

that’s all for now, will figure out what next 😀


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