joy for all the fun! :))

Hey everyone! Finally I have time to write again!^^ It’s almost Christmas, I know.  And that’s why it’s time to spread the fun!  😀 I have a few fun things to share here. First, I won a giveaway, yayyyyyyy XD

Carly J.Cais from chicsteals was  helding a DOUBLE giveaway, a satin tea dress like the one in the left, and haliwell top like in the right 😀 And I won the dress!! OMG just can’t believe that right? I’m just over excited :p

Second, I finished my Christmas project creations >3< I had a project version (the owl), but I made myself a series of mini monster plushie! ^^ Plus, I also designed some accesories such as brooch, moonstone necklace, etc. Will add better pics soon ^^;

Will  be back soon to add the fun pics (product parade!), but I hope you like these! 🙂 Merry Xmas everyone! ❤


2 thoughts on “joy for all the fun! :))

  1. Judith Chen says:

    hey jon, sorry for the late reply >.<

    I haven't write the instructions, but if you don't mind to wait I can type it down for you bu it may take a time because I'm quite busy right now, sorry for that 😦

    which keychain you want for tutorial?

    but if you don't mind you can just drop your e-mail here and I will send them to you as soon as I finish them 🙂

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