secretly famous-wish upon the “stars”

Have you ever know, that at this 5th Dec Indonesia just break the world record for flying more than 10.000 lanterns? I suppose it will be in the front page newspaper, or at least in the TV news. But eventually, it’s not.

Recently my country has a lot of crime probs esp in corruptions, but I thought people should be aware of this news too. But they’re not. I don’t know why the media seems so distracted, but..I was wondering..isn’t the reason of the corruption genocide (well it’s not that easy to get rid anyway) is to encourage people to reach a better living? Then why such an achievement isn’t being appreciated well? Kind a shame, isn’t it?

Look, isn’t it enchanting? Too bad I haven’t heard earlier, my bf and me would love to join! :_(  I think this an essential symbol of hopes within Indonesian heritage.

Well then, in any case…I’ll do some thing to make little changes of my self. Study better, be a better person, and…make better crafts 😀 eventually I am making some stuffs (mini plushies, brooch, necklace and more) to sale. As I received request to sell some, well finally to decide I will! :3 Only I haven’t decide to open a shop just yet. I still have some pending projects (including bag and dress). Btw, I really love this dress, check it out:

This is a super lovely babydoll dress by my friend Carly J.Cais! Oh my, and she is making a tutorial too! This is a must try >3< You’re awesome, Carly! ❤ Ah and btw she’s having a giveaway too!  Check it HERE 🙂 I will post the pics of my creations around xmas, when those items arrived in Jakarta. That way I can get better pics ^^;

Cya later!


2 thoughts on “secretly famous-wish upon the “stars”

  1. carlyjcais says:

    Hi Judith! Thanks so much for posting about my site and the dress I made! I’m glad you liked it – def. try to make one yourself since it was really fun and easy to make!
    Keep up the great work on your blog!:-)

  2. Judith Chen says:

    hello Carly!

    yes sure do, I’m waiting for xmas to get my bf’s shirt, he will send it along with his xmas present (we live in different city). I really wanna make at least one dress from his shirt! >3<

    ah and thankyouuu so much for the satin tea dress! :))

    you too dear, keep up the awesome works!^^

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