charms and dreams

Hey there  🙂 it’s been awhile since I didn’t post anything…hmm today I feel like sharing some of my charms and dreams.. >3< I am now sitting in my room at the 2nd floor, just nearby the balcony. but I feel like sitting by myself underneath a clear blue sky with smokey clouds :3

Have you ever feel like you want to sing all day? Well, that’s what I feel right now ^w^ Such a rare feeling I got, as usually I am a flat-feeling person (and always gets complained for being lack of expression and feeling).  But oh well, I’m enjoying it. I am actually gathering inspiration for my thesis. I really need patience for it, because I constantly get complained for lack of details in my explanations. It’s probably because I have a habit of pouring tons of ideas and stuffs into my writings, and it makes me lazy to write each details. But now, seems like I’ve been trapped in temptation of patience T_T

So…for today, I just want to pretend that I’m alone in a place surrounded by purple crocus XD


Hmm have you also notice that the only thing in the pic above which have colors is only the flowers? All of the others are shaded grey. Well philosopicly I pick this pic because the simplicity (I put beautiness in 2nd) and the depth of meaning. It shows when we have a dream, we have to focus, even it’s the nearest thing within,  any other colors beside purple could distract our mind. So just focus on the purple. And that’s what I need to do now.  FOCUS 🙂

Okay. let us now share my charms. This is a seashell I bought in Cijin Island, southern Taiwan. You can reach this beautiful place by riding a ferry from Kaohsiung^^. I visit Cijin with my friend Jessie during the school’s spring break. It was very sophisticating, we walk along the way and visit some local shops. The price were great too, so this is one of the thing I bought: a bottle (told you I’m obsessed with bottles, haha) filled with purple crystal sands and a beutiful seashell.

And no, this is no ordinary seashell. This is called murex venus (I’ve been searching for this since I was stunned with the encyclopedia pics-like-um…14 years ago). The sea shell is a part of a Greek myth, people believes that this seashell is a comb of Venus the Love Goddess, and it is a symbol of eternal love. Apparently,  I bought two of these and give the other one to my boyfriend ❤ only his bottle’s sands are blue, not purple like mine.

Lately I spent my days with my thesis, as I told you, and also some designs. I just finished designing a brooch and have all materials except the brooch pin. I remember saving some pieces somewhere..I’ll go seek them later. So here are some of my projects (uploading pics after I’m done with them):

1. my hun’s xmas present (still sketching design)

2.  rose&crystal brooch  (design done, preparing materials)

3.  kitty warm pad (done with pattern and materials, ready to start)

4. other designs: plushie, cabochon, bag, etc.

and..(maybe) new art lamp design, since people keeps constantly asking me to make a new one so they could buy it ^^; (my, it’s hard to maintain good qualities when the demand is high)  And I haven’t gather items to sell either >.<

Aiya, forget to tell. I decide to gather some items and samples to sell next year! But it’s my boyfriend who’se gonna sell them, not me >3< here’s one of the half done item, a kitty pendant:

Will add some beads, paint and stuffs to boost up the sophisticating looks >3<  btw I made a 4 panel comic strip too! But it’s still an ugly scan so I guess I need to edit it a bit to make it look better (had a prob during the scanning and it shows mistake such as paper folding etc).

alrighty, I’m gonna share my 2nd charm later, just want to let you know both are  my fave stuff made from crystal!  I think I’m gonna post the pic along with the rose&crystal brooch :3 Ok folks, cya later then^^


5 thoughts on “charms and dreams

  1. Judith Chen says:

    thank God uda nyampe ^^ I thought you didn’t get the package ^^;

    not sure I’ll win but..would love to see the winner! 🙂

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