bad mood teddy plushie and joining a giveaway!

Hey there…just wanna tell you that I just send a package to Sabila from Pastel Girl who’se helding a giveaway!  The rule is super easy, you have to be Indonesian, and send any of your fashion-related creations to her.  Check the stuffs she is giving out:

You might wonder what I made for Sabila? But it’s a secret and won’t tell you until I heard from her! 😀 So if you wanna join just send your creations and biodata here:



Jl. poltangan raya no.4A , Pasar Minggu , Jakarta Selatan


Lately I am having a super bad mood so I made a bad mood teddy plushie! her name is jeyo, named after my friend (JEssica YOnaka) hahaha XD

Made this for a trial, she is what I imagine when I am being grumpy and tired…Designed this in a rush, coz can’t wait to start sewing it! :p my mum is a bit upset coz I cut her free gift towel to made this :3 Sorry mum! LOL..

plushie specs: eyes, ear and nose are from unused small pieces of fabrics. I just happen to found an easy but good method to make them hard enough and bead-looking (esp the nose and eyes) but still have soft areas to give space so I can sew it to the plushie 🙂 So no worries, they’re not glued!^^ (I don’t like to use glues all over the fabric of my plushie).

alright then, cya at the next post!

PS. new art wire and plushie design in progress 😉


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