clandestine garden mission: done!

(I call this  “snow princess in the desert” )

finally I managed to finished this project! XD

Still remember the transparent organic leaf art tutorial I gave you? Well in this project the leaves already been colored and turned into a flower! ❤

specs: coffee bottle (I use nescafe),  real dragonfly-dried, organic leaf art (flower), clay

bottom part: beach sand (white), selfmade blue snow – made of dried residu of coconut flakes.

well then, here’s some clues on my next projects: lots of cat stuff..!  *w* and yeah…I’m gonna sell some, only not by online shop..I got sooo many suggestions to open a shop and maybe I should start with small selling projects 🙂 And my skripsi (thesis) advisor liked my “summer’s dusty diary” necklace and she ordered me a set of accesories. She said any design is fine, she only want red stones, and also she don’t want me to sell the same design to another person. Well that’s no problem to me since I always make one design for one item only. I don’t like repeating, it makes me lost my passion and the product could be less artistic…

Well then, see ya later I guess…I’m off to manage the long list of projects..and thesis ^^;


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