konayuki my kitty plushie :3

This is my very first DIY doll, I used to make my own pattern and everything..but I found a tutorial for this super cute kitty plushie, and I modify the stitching a bit so the result is a little different 🙂

specs: unused towel, eyes and mouth embroidered with silk thread xD I hand sew this coz I don’t really like using sewing machine.

(drawing patterns on towel with my drawing pen)

( body parts of plushie-finished all cuttings)

(finished plushie, yay I ❤ konayuki!! >3<)


4 thoughts on “konayuki my kitty plushie :3

  1. OmegaWolf9 says:

    So cute! I made this one myself too 🙂 I didn’t have an old towel though, so I used an old ugly sweatshirt inside out so the fuzzy side was facing out. I used some clear thread to make whiskers too. I absolutely adore the face on yours though! So cute! Also, love the little nose and the purple ribbon 🙂

    • Judith Chen says:

      thankyou for your kind comment 🙂

      yours is from a sweatshirt? that sounds great! maybe I should try some plushes out of sweatshirt as well^^ have a great day there 😉

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