a drip of vintage stream

Hello! It’s been awhile since I didn’t post ^^; so sorry, and this time I have no excuses (I better not)..ah but I come back with new work, yay! this one is a clay necklace I just made, I made it with a help of an unused sodabottle cap..These are the stuffs I used to make it:

The blue pack is the clay pack, the little black thing is a piece of clove, I used it to make the pattern in the edge of the design. First I hammer the bottle cap until it’s all flat like a coin and cover it with clay. The water color is for coloring the clay, as you see I only use green and red (only use a little so it became pink). The creme color in the pendon is the original color of the clay. Erm, I guess it’s too long since I haven’t touch clay, it turns out not like what I expected. But oh well, voila! This is the result (sorry for the ugly pic) >.<

And um, I hate making plain chained necklaces all the time so later when I have time to go to the DIY store (it’s just far from home >.<) I will manage to buy the plain DIY chain, beads and stuffs to design the chain for this one..Also, need a transparent pylox to make this thing waterproof..(have to buy that too @_@)

Anyway, when it’s all done I will post the pic in this post, and I promised a better pic of course  :3

Ahhh and again, before this thing is even really done somebody (this time my sis) already said: “wow, it’s cute, can I have this?” All I can say is, “Sis, you serious? that’s a FAIL product!” >,<


2 thoughts on “a drip of vintage stream

  1. onic says:

    you are so talented!!! smoga hasilnya nanti jauh lebih baik dr yg kamu harapkan ;]
    aku pindah blog soalnya hmm mau mulai dr awal lagi. blog yg kemaren kurang total haha.

  2. Judith Chen says:

    thankyou onic :3 iya karya yg ini sih sudah g bs banyak diutak-atik jd will work more on the next one 😉

    ooh kurang puas sm yg kmrn yah, pdhl uda bagus sih.but yeah I really like ur new one, it looks so fresh!! X3

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