art deco lamp: sparkling with love

I promised you to post the updates of the eiffel miniature, but it turns out that I am really sort of material, and I have to scan the pics later for some reasons I will explain later, perhaps you will have to wait a little more. So sorry for that!  >.<  But I am going to scan the sketch today, so it won’t take that long for the update post. And yes of course I will post the update after this post :3  So now I guess I have to do something in return, right? 🙂 And ah, as the theme now is love…it rings me a bell to the art deco lamp I made for my boyfriend, for his bday present at 6th June. (finally got the photos! <3). Here you go:

black and white look

my apologize if you spot the fault in this photo. the wire is not supposed to hang like that on the cable, there’s a roundwire to hang the cap on the tip of the  curved wire, only it was taken off by mistake. it is fixed of course, only perhaps  I had to order more photos to my bf’s cousin if I want a new one. really sorry for that  😦

this is the bottom part, with love motive ❤

the cap is specially design with a bit touch of European look and decos are made of small mineral stones 😀

The lamp was actually my first self-designed product at art wire, and I got my bloody hand full of blisters and scratch. And no, don’t think making art wires will usually cause that pain :p The problem is I can’t manage to found a proper DIY wire, so I use wires for buildings XD and the wire is like 2,5 mm and so hard to bend or curve >.<  But yeah, a handful of scar for an art ? It’s worth it!!! 🙂 Moreover, because it is for my honey’s bday present…Happily he took a good care of it..and yes, he is proud of it  *blush* X3

As true love is never easy, it will force you to show that you are really strunggling for it. But afterall, there is no rainbow before a heavy rain.


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