la petite paris: future art project!

Hello all! I am planning to collect item for my france miniature project! This is a long term plan, that’s why I name it project and not a quest [bad in naming, sorry ^^; ]  And I am picking more photos here, just in case I had the time to design and made those for this project…Ah..and if you’re questioning why I started another artwork before I even finished my clandestine garden mission, it’s because I am still in a quest of one material, besides this “la petite paris” will take more time than the “clandestine garden mission” because be honest I have to collect items first, and I need damn a lot of them >.< But btw of course as it is Paris, I won’t forget the eiffel miniature!  (^^)~

So..while collecting photos and editing I am starring at my boyfriend’s pic, hihi..afterall Paris is a city of love, right? ❤

dion@christmas holiday 08 >3<

As you know Paris is the city of mode, and there are a lot of fancy stuffs, ruffles and all awesomeness in fashion! >3< So here I posted one of my favorite stuff I bought in Taiwan,  not typical Parisian but I am sure in Paris you will find a lot of cute stuffs like this (even this one is typically Asian, like Taiwan/Japan/Korea.) So as it is just cute, I think I am adding something like this to the miniature! 😀 *wish I could really learn crochet someday, the best crochet I can do now is a flower, lol*


It is my fave cute crochet jewelery box! ❤ so cute…Perhaps this is a good inspiration for my future la petite Paris! After I’m done with Paris I am going to make little Venice..oh I am so in love with Venice, I wanna ride love gondola with my bf someday.. ^^ Ah, and here’s some game items (Pet Society) that may help me get inspired for the design (credits to Michael Simbolon, thx for the pic!)

So the plan is to make several art items related to Paris (still need a lot of reviews and ideas though). The first one to make is of course, the eiffel miniature!  The original design (the one in the pic) is by zakka handmade though, I am going to make something similar to it, only of course, with my modification and design. I already finished the rough design so in a minute I have to flee to the supremarket to buy some materials.. :3 The eiffel miniature is the smallest pic below, you can see how cute it is compared to the real eiffel 🙂

Next thing to do:  finish my sketch design so I can post it here!  But I think since I have to do my thesis too, I will post the whole design sketch in the post updates, not in this post, sorry! >.<

*just got back from store* ahhh and the materials I’m supposed to bought are out of stock, I only managed to bought the ice cream stick 😦  I will have to wait till this weekend for the stock…I really wish there is a proper DIY store here x___O Erm, so I guess I will have to post the progress work around this weekend (I will work on the sketch and the eiffel miniature first.) :3


5 thoughts on “la petite paris: future art project!

  1. anthonyvalmount says:

    aah… paris..
    a shopping paradise for women and food fiesta for the boys ^^

    nevertheless a city of romance indeed..

    i’m so happy i could be the part of your project hun, and i know for once more you could make a beautiful art

    just like the artlamp that you made for me as a birthday present :3
    it sure is nice and handy -love it. ^^

  2. Judith Chen says:

    @ dion: hun, I am sooo glad you love that lamp! ❤ I will post the pics soon 😀 thankyou so much darl, love you so much :-*

    @ onic: hello dear!^^ ah crochet is kinda complicated indeed, I still need to learn a lot myself, including my mum to remind me the countings in each design ^^; I think you just haven't found the fun yet dear, but I'm sure you will 😀

  3. clara says:

    mauuuu doooong…
    artwork blog, keren – something i wouldn’t dare to do, considering my lamenity… hehe. aku masukin ke proud indonesian blogroll yaaaa!
    goodluck for the project! ❤

  4. Judith Chen says:

    okieeee 😀 thankyou so much ^^, I finished the basic frame for the eiffel miniature, you can see it in my fb album if you want, coz I will have to wait 2mrw to post it, need to scan the design sketch, pics and stuff >.< good luck for ur exam btw :3

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