clandestine garden mission #1

Yay it’s finally weekend! I supposed to wake up late, but my dad wake me up  at 8 a.m >.< coz my parent’s are going to my mom’s ceremony award…Geez she is beautiful already with her green silk dress and her fave jade bangle I bought her at the moment I get downstairs.  Just to let you know the jade bangle was a special one I bought in Ken Ting National Park, when I was traveling during the spring break with my dorm roommate, Jessie and her sister Latisha ❤ Got it with a special discount coz it’s off peak season!  >3<

So um, yeah..I woke up lazily and figure out what’s my plan for today, coz I don’t think I’ll do my thesis immediately by today [man, it’s weekend!] I plan to do it tonight. So…what I did was just taking a walk to my backyard and find some inspiration [for my mission, of course!] 😀

I realize that usually in my previous posts I only put 2-3 pics so now I come up with more photos, yayyy!  \(^w^)/  Okie so I guess now it’s time for me to explain what I mean with the word “mission” XD erm, yeah the thing is I am going to mix some of my craft skills into one divine art  :3 Frankly I need a few steps to go there. So here step by step I would also like to share you this 😀 So first please see the pic below [sorry for the low resolution, I took the photo with my 2 MP camera phone >.< ]

It’s much better to see the real ones, coz the leaf structures remains while the chlorofiles are gone. Yeah, it’s an organic real leaf, isn’t it fascinating? 🙂 And making it is easy, all you need is a little patience coz it generally took 2 weeks if you make it with a natural way.  This is the first part of art I am going to use:  organic leaf art.  Mine is from the leafs I took from my garden!  That’s why I said this is a clandestine garden mission ❤

Ok for this what you need is :

– a couple of leafs. But remember, not all leafs can be used. I used soursop/dutch jackfruit [Indonesian: sirsak] leaf coz it have strong leaf bones. I don’t know any leafs other than that, sorry! >.<

– mud. Yes, mud! But don’t use thick muds coz it will make the leaf rot. Usually I use the mud from my fish pod. A little stinky but it’s the best mud I know to make the leafs 😀

So how to make it? Put the mud into a pail, and make sure those are high enough to dip all of the leafs. Remember, put the leafs in a proper position and don’t let it fold. After you dip all the leafs in the pail, close the pail and come back after two weeks. Just like that? Yeah, just like that! >3< After your leafs are done, don’t forget to clean and dry them. If you want them colored, after it’s dried and ready, dip them into coloring liquid [I use fabric powder color mixed with water] and redry them. Don’t use acrylic spray coz the result won’t be too nice [I tried that already].

Hmm I guess my mission is revealed now.. :p Yep, it is collecting items from my house, especially my garden. Then simply mixed them with several artwork types I have ^^.  But what design it’s going to be? Nah, still secret! XD Okie, next garden item!

The upcoming items are… a twig and a bottle! Ahaha, you may laugh because I really like to collect junks, but you know, it’s really fun to turn unused stuffs into something pretty 😀  So yeah, the twig is a soft twig I cutoff from my roselle tea plant!  [I got a bit wet coz it was raining, hehe]. Btw the red tea in the 2nd pic is a sample of my fave healthy and yummy roselle tea ❤ [Yep I have them in my own garden^^]. I pick that twig becase it had a nice shape and color, also it is soft so it is more flexible to be inserted into the bottle. The bottle itself is my unused shampoo bottle  [coconut&rice by Oriflame], it has a nice shape and moreover, it has a clear view and it’s easy to clean :3

Now 3 items are revealed! What next? Hmm since I have a nice strawberry&jelly ice waiting for me..

see ya later at clandestine garden mission #2, more items [including additional art items to combine, and perhaps the design and progress!]  revealed later. Come see what I’m up to!

[PS.  I promise you more recipees]  ^___^


4 thoughts on “clandestine garden mission #1

  1. Judith Chen says:

    got the recipee from my mum actually 😀

    daunnya bs buat macem2 lg sih..jd pgn eksperimen..thanks bgt commentna ya mommm *huggies* X3

  2. onic says:

    hallo judith! i love your very creative blog!!
    iyah kenal clara dari blog juga hihi.

    btw, sure sayang, would love to exchange link with you.
    blog kamu dah aku add di bagian indo proud yah.
    keep in touch!

  3. Judith Chen says:

    hello onic! thanks so much sweetie, added you too! :3 sure thing we should keep in touch!^^

    *peeked your blog* sounds nice to write more about life btw, I should do that I think.. 😀

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