Ready To Fly

When I made this all I can imagine is leaving this country so I can be free from every stiff views they always lay an eye on me..And so at one fine day as I walk around my backyard I found a dead butterfly. Fragile wings, but still beautiful. So I dried it and decide it will be part of my artwork. So yeah, it’s not just a butterfly, but a real dried butterfly. I think it’s prettier than any artificial ones^^.


Philosopicly you can see by putting the opened wings butterfly inside the bottle, heading to the sky, I was trying to say: “I’m ready to fly. Set me free!” As it is a cannon, the bottle functioned as the cannon’s barrel. (the bottle was my friend’s unused bottle from the juice she just drank off. I always collect junks potential for my artworks) ;D Btw other parts such as wheels and the square where I land the bottle is designed specially with clover shapes, as a symbol of luck 🙂


Ah yes..if you pay attention to the inside decos (stuffs inside the bottle other than the dried butterfly) it is just natural white beach sands and sea shells. I was meaning to say that we need a wide heart and inspiration like the sea. The weather may be hot, the snow may fall, but the sea will always blows an inspirational breeze..

And so yeah, let’s fly to the sky ^w^


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