summer’s dusty diary

As it was still the hottest summer and the sunburns made all girls who don’t like to be tan moaning all the time, well perhaps it’s time to enjoy the  sun! After all, it’s summer!! :3  Then what to do next? Let’s try to build up the mood to go out more under the summer breeze 😀 But how? Hmm, let’s start the going out-mood with making some selfmade artworks to show off! ^w^ And yeah,  I name it summer’s dusty diary coz it’s fall now and the pendon reminds me to something in an old treasure box gifted by grandma..but still good 😀

Well actually I made one bcoz it’s nearly my friends birthday and I need a present for her soon :p (I made this  in around 30 mins including designing, exactly the night before her bday LOL). Well then that actually really works.

Hmm.. frankly because in here I am kinda sort of materials (and that kinda often upsets me) so I just use some of my old stuffs.

What I use:

– some random beads with summerish type (nothing in particular, just the one with warm and bright colors) and I tried to match all the colors. And one bead is larger than any others, to be the center of attention part, of course :3

– two types of wires: First type is the usual wires u usually use for building house. You can easily find them in material building store. Size:  [2 mm for the outline, 1 mm for the inside part (sticking the beads to the edge) and the smallest 0,5 mm is for sticking larger wires together. The last type of wire is the one with bronze color, I am not sure what kind is that one, it’s only a trash I found in my dad’s old tool box] 😀

–  Tools: plier set (Indonesian: tang satu set) but if you don’t have a set it’s ok, I usually only use the one for cutting, straightening wire, and the one with the small tip.^^ Btw don’t be surprised if you may need random stuffs such as glass, pen, etc to help you get the round shape, for example ❤

– Last but not least, the plain necklace/chain of course, you can easily find this in handycraft/DIY store 🙂 this depends on your design, though..And for the round thing on the toppest part to put the chain, you don’t have to buy that, you can easily make that with the 0,5 mm wire).

The steps are simple:  made the design-the outtest part-put it on the floor and place the beads randomly as you like-Ah, and this is one of the essential part: use the bronze wire to put borders inside the main round shape-of course the main purpose is decorating but you also have advantage because it makes the space between the main round frame smaller, so it’s easier for you to stick the beads! :3

Next, put the beads with 1 mm wire as designed, and you’re done! 😀 All you need to do left is to put some roundy shape on top of the mainframe to place the necklace/chain (don’t forget to make your pendon to be enably put the roundy wire in order to put the necklace/chain or else you won’t be able to wear it as necklace)-put the necklace in-and tadaa you’re ready to show off your handmade summer necklace! >3<

Btw sorry if I didn’t write them in detail, at first I just want to display the image LOL..and yeah, this design is best to fit in vintage dress/wardrobes with summer spirit, I think^^. Summer fever is still here I guess, even if it’s September now 😀 cya at the other posts, more coming soon! :3

PS. As I got her pic wearing the necklace [thanks mel!] here it is! >3< Hope u like it^^



6 thoughts on “summer’s dusty diary

  1. Judith Chen says:

    hello 🙂 thankyou very much, glad that you like my work..^^ I’m still collecting some photos to upload, and also managing time [I have thesis to do] so I can make more artworks ❤

  2. Marc Shaw says:

    Hey, I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog!…..I”ll be checking in on a regularly now….Keep up the good work! 🙂

    – Marc Shaw

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