Kuma Crochet Pattern #1

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This time as promised, we will start making a bear. Part one is of course the head. I named it Kuma because well, I am obsessed with Rilakkuma and this one has a resemblance 🙂


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I am back!!

Hey guys…Sorry for disappearing for awhile. As I have mentioned in instagram, I have a lot on my plate (like this curry, haha).

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Anyway, I am still in progress on a collab project and a new pattern for you. I am hoping to finish them as soon as I can. Honestly starting this Monday I will most probably have more workload in the office so crossing fingers that I could manage that well. I will do my best!

Thank you very much for sticking around, I really didn’t expect the traffic to stay stable even during my absence. I will try to make up to it. See you soon! 🙂

Oddish Crochet Pattern

This  little project is a good reminder to us all (including me) that not all that looks simple are actually that easy to make ^^; Well it’s not that he is that hard to make, but come on – when you saw this round fella with five pieces of sprouts and two stubble feet, you’re gonna be like “Everyone can make that. Piece of cake.” Ummm nope.


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Bulbasaur Crochet Pattern

The pokemon craze is still around the corner! The pikachu pattern I posted last week was seriously the biggest hit, it has 500 views in a few first hours of publishing. Thank you so much guys, I was really surprised and happy. Therefore, here is a little gift for you! 🙂 He is absolutely tiny (barely 6 cm long) yet so squishy! Also, since I got an input that not everyone could crochet I will make this guy available in my etsy shop (button on the right side of the page).

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Pikachu Crochet Pattern

Heya! Sorry for being absent last week but I most likely will be really busy until next month. I will try my best to keep up! 😀 This pikachu project will be the first part, so keep an eye out and some other time (hopefully soon) you will found the rest of the pattern (fullbody) posted!


Hope you enjoy it!

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Fox Pouch Tutorial

Not everything cute is hard to make. This is what I had in mind when creating this project. In Making Sense of Amigurumi #1 and #2 we mostly use the round concept, however this time I am going to show you the basics of making an oval shape, which is used to make this cute mint fox pouch.

Awhile ago I stumbled upon this tutorial on how to crochet an oval written by Louie from Louie’s Loops (check his page out he has TONS of awesome tutorials including crochet basics, basic shapes, geekery amigurumi, etc). I am posting the oval pattern he made (contacted him for permission and he immediately said yes!) then decided to use it to make a very simple and easy pouch. Often, the cutest things are actually simple (just look at all those Japanese characters!). When creating my own designs, the thing that I always try to keep in mind is keeping things simple and not think too much or try too hard.

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